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    Egyptian Goddess Bastet With Panther Statue

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    Egyptian Goddess Bastet With Panther Statue

    Bring home the powerful and elegant presence of the ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet with this beautifully crafted statue. Standing at approximately 11.75 inches high, this statue is made out of cold-cast bronze and is artistically sculpted with exceptional detail and quality. Perfect for any collector or lover of Egyptian mythology, this statue is sure to make a stunning addition to any home or office decor.

    A Divine History

    Bastet was a prominent goddess in ancient Egyptian religion, known for her protective and nurturing qualities. As the goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt, she was also associated with the Nile River delta region. Her name is translated in various ways, including Baast, Ubaste, and Baset, and she is often depicted as a woman with the head of a lioness or a domesticated cat.

    The Panther Companion

    This statue of Bastet features her with a powerful panther by her side, symbolizing strength, grace, and agility. The panther was also considered a sacred animal in ancient Egypt and was associated with several deities, including Bastet. With intricate details and a striking pose, this statue captures the essence of the goddess and her companion.

    A Captivating Work of Art

    Crafted with exquisite attention to detail and high-quality materials, this statue of Bastet and her panther is a true work of art. The cold-cast bronze gives the statue a stunning and realistic appearance, while the intricate details bring the goddess and her companion to life. Whether displayed in a prominent location or added to a collection, this statue is sure to captivate and impress.