Ceridwen Statue - Celtic Goddess of Fertility and Inspiration

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In Welsh mythology, Ceridwen was an enchantress who created potions of wisdom and beauty in her cauldron of poetic inspiration. This Ceridwen Statue portrays this legendary figure and her magic cauldron in lifelike detail. This figurine depicts Ceridwen leaning over her cauldron, named Awen, as she stirs the magic potion bubbling within. Her long hair cascades down her shoulders, and a cloak, lined with Celtic knotwork, covers her back. Orange-colored tongues of fire lap at the base of the cauldron, bringing her concoction to a boil. Surrounding her are her pets, a boar, a cat, and a hen. The Ceridwen Statue makes a fantastic piece of Celtic home decor that is sure to bring a bit of magic into your home.

  • Crafted in lifelike detail  from cold-cast bronze resin
  • Features colored accents
  • Makes a great piece of Celtic mythology home decor
  • Approximate Measurements: 6.7" L 6.7" W 6.3" H