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  • The Mercury Retrograde Book: Secrets for Surviving and Thriving in Astrology's Most Misunderstood Cycle

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    The Mercury Retrograde Book: Secrets for Surviving and Thriving in Astrology's Most Misunderstood Cycle

    Are you tired of hearing 'Mercury must be in retrograde' every time the slightest thing goes wrong?

    People blame their break-ups, missed flights and unexpected bills on Mercury retrograde, but often they have little understanding of it.

    The Mercury Retrograde Book is here to flip these beliefs on their head and is the ultimate guide to navigating one of the most feared astrological phenomena.
    Whether you're a seasoned astrology enthusiast or just starting to explore the cosmos, 
    The Mercury Retrograde Book will empower you to not only survive Mercury retrograde but to thrive during it.

    Yasmin Boland and Kim Farnell share their expert insights and practical tips for making the most of this cycle.

    If you're tired of feeling like the universe is working against you during Mercury retrograde, then this book is for you. Inside, you'll discover:

    • That the retrograde is actually a chance to revisit, revise and revamp your dreams
    • How to place the retrogrades in your personal astrological chart and work out their effect on your elemental and zodiac sign
    • What Mercury retrograde actually means and why it's important
    • How to prepare for Mercury retrograde and minimize its negative effects
    • Tools for communication, decision-making, and manifestation during this time
    • Personal stories and anecdotes to help you feel less alone in your struggles

    Book Sections Include: 
    Part I: How Will Mercury Retrograde Affect YOU?
    Part II: Mercury Retrograde through the Zodiac Signs
    Part III: Mercury Retrograde through the Houses
    Part IV: When Mercury Retrograde Meets Your Planets

    “Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon that even many non‑astrologers have heard of. We think it’s more than worth learning about, and that by reading this book you’ll discover how to make it work to your advantage.

    We wrote this book to dispel the myths and help you get the most of this planetary phenomenon which has a potentially positive side to it.
     We hope you love the book!”
    –Yasmin and Kim

    So don't let Mercury retrograde get the best of you – take control of this misunderstood cycle!
    Discover how you can work consciously with Mercury’s energies when it’s retrograde and use them to your advantage.

    Trade Paperback | English  | 257 pages |  5 "W x 7 "H x 1 "D