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  • The Jar Spells Compendium

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    The Jar Spells Compendium

    Reclaim, purify, and energize your daily life with powerful, time-proven jar spells.

    Whether you are a new witch or looking to deepen and expand your energetic potential, this book will guide you in creating new recipes and understanding the fundamentals of harnessing magic and elevating your creative energy.

    Rooted in ancient folk magic traditions, modern witches now utilize magical jar spells to balance energies, attract prosperity and abundance, and even deepen relational connections.

    Wisely crafted with traditional witchcraft ingredients, the recipes you will find among these pages will make a tangible impact on your life. Here is a sample of what you will discover:

    ✨ ESSENTIAL SPELL FUNDAMENTALS - Your power as a witch centers on understanding and being in tune with your internal magic and uniqueness. This book will not only provide powerful spells to begin your magic journey but also explain the essentials of witchcraft, energies, and spiritual connectivity to truly supercharge your journey.
    ✨ POWER OF ANCIENT MAGIC - Far more than a simple collection of spells, this jar spell book harnesses the power of some of the most powerful recipes and ingredients used throughout the history of the ancient magic tradition. These spells will work for you as they have for centuries of witches!
    ✨ 100 AUTHENTIC RECIPES - Including 100 unique recipes, these jar spells feature easy-to-find ingredients. Even when these common ingredients are not attainable, we provide simple substitutes and the knowledge to understand the reasoning behind each ingredient.
    ✨ SKILLFUL BLENDING - Written with a deep knowledge of ancient spell tradition, these magic recipes were crafted by skillfully blending the most powerful ingredients. Easy to replicate, these recipes harness the power of simplicity so that even a novice witch can experience exceptional results.
    ✨ PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS - This book is perfect for new witches equipped with detailed explanations, step-by-step guides, and historical theories. You will be guided through every step to ensure successful, protected, and impactful spellcasting.
    ✨ MAGIC CORRESPONDENCE - Unlike many spell books that simply provide recipes, this book will deep-dive into the meaning and connection of each ingredient. You will be given the tools to elevate your energy, create abundance, and maximize your magic.

    This book contains everything you need to begin your witchcraft journey. Whether purchased for yourself or a loved one new to magic, this book is the perfect gift to expand your spiritual powers! gels, times of day, and phases of the moon that strengthen each type of magick.

    Paperback | English  | 130 pages |  7"W x 10"H x .30 "D