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  • Happy Holidays!

    Hi Everyone!

     The new website is coming along great I think. There are still a few tweaks to work on but so far I am pleased with the design. I will start working on it again after the holiday rush. What a rush it is! I have the best customers in the world. I really want to express my gratitude for all the kind words, re-posts and especially purchases! It has been the busiest season to date and I am carving my little fingers to the bone. 

    With the coming New Year, I would like to get all of the tumbled stone and polished pieces up. Also, I want to continue the limited edition styles. The Aquamarine Reiki sets went over so great, I think I only have 1 set left! I wasn't' sure how only a few odd items would go over, but the response has been fantastic. 

    The Orthoceras fossil rune sets have been flying out of here too. They really are quite magickal so I am glad people love them as much as I do. I will keep adding new rune sets as I go along. It's just getting them carved up and photographed then a quick write up, pricing and posting. I have to get in the mood for a photo shoot lol. 

    I hope everyone has a fantastic Holiday Season! Thank you all for your support. I literally couldn't do this if it wasn't for all of you! Please keep following me and sharing my products online! I have new social buttons to make it easier to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Fancy (which I just signed up for. I'm really not getting it yet but maybe in January I can figure it out lol).I wish there was a way for me to add a Tumblr button though. I use that the most! I am generating so many hits from Social sites and it brings in new customers all the time!

    All thanks to people finding my creations interesting enough to share them on their own blogs and sites. Also, if you haven't signed up for my newsletter (Sign up is always located at the bottom of the page), please do so if you want to get the first look at the new products I will be listing, coupon codes and flash sales. 

    Have a Wonderful Season! Don't forget you can use the Cast a Stone coupon code:


    for 10% off orders $25 and up. Shipping is free in the USA over $50.00 purchase. 

    Brightest Blessings,


    Cast a Stone

    1 Response

    Lori Mole
    Lori Mole

    May 03, 2023

    Fun site to shop!

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