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Our New Website!!

Posted by Lisa G at

I am so excited to FINALLY get our new website up and going! It is still a work in progress while I add all of our products, but I am so elated to step out of our 2002 version and update to this spiffy new design! I mean seriously, we finally have a working search bar haha!

Please bear with me while I get all of the links, code and pictures in the right places. I didn't expect to get this version live and searchable yet, but I am so glad it is getting orders already. If you need to reach me my email is Lisa@castastone.com and the old website is still functioning as always www.castastone.com.

I can make coupon codes now too so if you are new Castastoner, please sign up for the emails! I will now be offering reward codes and secret sales for email customers only on a regular basis.

Thanks so much for checking out my first blog post! It's fantastic to see my dreams transforming into reality. I am so grateful!

Brightest Blessings,


Cast a Stone

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  • I am new to your store and really love your materials and look forward to doing business with you. Thank you, Mark Austin

    Mark Austin on
  • I have been using runes since i was in high school and am now 35 yrs old. Ive never had the privilage of talking about it to anyone that knows what their doing. I have learned on my own and connect with the stones. It would be nice to hear from other ppl that do the same thing. I live in West Virginia and around here if you deal in anything like that your labeled a witch or pushed aside as tho ur crazy. But I have done readings for some of my friends and they couldnt believe that they had gotten something out of it that helped and made sense. Ive been doing this for years but like i said i am self taught so I still feel like an amature. I would love to have a chat room that we could talk about these things and questions that arise i could accually ask someone than try to search the web or read up on it still not finding my answers. It would be nice to talk to other casters. I hope I hear back from you. Thank you.

    aimee on

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