White Natural Cotton Wreath

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At Ease Traditional takes its lead from urban architecture elements yet is grayed down for more of a sophisticated feel. A variety of ever-popular neutrals, both cool and warm, are blended with muted tones in a way that seems effortless.18" (fluff outward to make even larger)

One of the biggest trends you will see is galvanized metal whether it comes from vintage looks in the market place or is re-purposed, it is one of the leading materials in this collection and is often combined with natural or distressed wood.

Rescued is the new buzzword that is replacing recycling, and the natural look is key in this "down-to-earth" look with woods, woven textures and patterns picking up with imperfect surfaces to a worn and aged appearance. What started as industrial or farmhouse décor has now combined architectural elements and created a comfortable traditional down home or uptown look.