Viking Mjolnir Ram Door Knocker

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Viking Mjolnir Ram Door Knocker

Greet all of the visitors to your home or office with Viking style when you have Viking Mjolnir Ram Door Knocker!  Made from cold-cast resin, this hand-painted knocker takes the shape of the mythological hammer Mjolnir, which belonged to Thor from Norse mythology. Beautiful raised knotwork adorns Mjolnir, and at the top and bottom corners of the hammer, there are holes for attaching the knocker to a door or wall. 

Next, a highly detailed rams head sits at the top of Mjolnir. Its horns wrap around the top while its head faces down. Hanging from the goat's head is the knocker, in the shape of a ring with a ball at the bottom. This mighty door knocker is sure to add some Norse style to your home decor.

Key Features:

  • Based on Norse mythology
  • Features a rams head with a ring-style knocker
  • Great decor piece for any Norse mythology lover
  • Made from cold-cast resin
  • Approximate measurements:  6" H 5" W 1.3" D
  • Hardware does not come included.

Measurements are approximate.