Tree of Enchantment Ball -Unity 6" hand blown Art Glass Ornament

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Alone a tree is, simply a tree. Together with other trees, it becomes a forest. United over time the forest develops deep roots that are forever intertwined.

Being part of a whole can be exciting as you have new adventures and experiences together. It can be comforting and give strength when you feel weary from life’s daily demands. There is a comforting peace and acceptance in the forest, for all trees bring something unique to the overall whole.

The Tree of Unity reminds us that all forests start with two trees coming together and united we are stronger than we are apart.

Extraordinary Glass Art from Kitras Art Glass, Inc. - this 6" inch hand blown Glass Ball is handmade in Canada. Kitras always offers consistent quality, innovative design and a brilliant color palette. These pieces are truly a work of art that you'll treasure for years to come.