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The Empath's Workbook: Practical Strategies

The Empath's Workbook: Practical Strategies

  • $ 15.99

The Empath's Workbook: Practical Strategies for Nurturing Your Unique Gifts and Living an Empowered Life by Carpenter, Krista, MS

Being an empath isn’t always easy, and it can be overwhelming to have so many intense feelings. The Empath’s Workbook is filled with practical, empowering strategies and techniques to help you establish better control over your emotions, give you more power over what you feel, and gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for yourself as an empath.

Explore tools and activities that focus on common challenges and experiences empaths face out in the world, in relationships, with family, and at work. Discover strategies for prioritizing your self-care and thriving in every area of your life. You’ll find engaging exercises that invite you to put what you learn into practice, so you can enhance your life and the lives of those you care about. You’ve got this!

The Empath’s Workbook includes:

  • Empath exploration―Learn the difference between empaths and highly sensitive people, as well as the different types of empaths and intuitive abilities.
  • Enhance your superpowers―Explore and strengthen your unique empathic gifts through various exercises, meditations, and rituals.
  • Tools to grow and thrive―Learn techniques and skills to deal with common empath challenges, like absorbing too much emotion from others, setting boundaries, and feeling burned out at work.

Find bliss as an empath with tools and strategies to help you flourish.

Trade Paperback | English  | 182 pages | 7.5 x 9 x 1 IN

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