Stay Wild Flower Child Garden Seed Ball Gift Box

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This wild and beautiful assortment brings an abundance of life to your gardens like birds and beneficial insects! Seed balls are an amazing ancient technique for propagating plants that preserve and protect the seed while it germinates and grows roots.

Simply plant in the garden or in your favorite pot or container. Each seed ball is handmade by an empowered community of incredible people who are working with disabilities. 

 Contains: Clay, Worm Castings, Open Pollinated Seeds (White yarrow, Bachelor Button, Siberian Wallflower, Shasta Daisy, Godetia, Plains Coreopsis, Larkspur, California Poppy, Indian Blanket, Bird’s Eye, Blue Flax, Scarlet Flax, Perennial Lupine, Baby Blue Eyes, Evening Primrose, Corn Poppy, California Bluebell, Black-Eyed Susan, Catchfly).