spooky season soy wax melts - LIMITED EDITION

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Spooky Season - A complex blend of scents including saffron, pepper, and smoky patchouli make this smell perfect to get spooky in October. This is only available until October 31st. Each melt comes in 6 little cubes to break apart with more than 2.4oz total of great smelling wax. They can be melted in a tea light melter or electric wax warmer - they are NOT a candle. Each are made with 100% natural US soy beans. They are hand poured in Austin, Texas. What customers are saying about Spooky Season: -I love the scent!! -ITS SO GOOD!!! -Deep, velvety haunted mansion vibes -It's what spooky smells like! Without any of the scary -Love the spirited spicy scent! -Amazing! Pure nostalgia, smells like Halloween night as a kid. -3yr old approved! "Smells spooky!" 🎃 -This is what October smells like. Spooky mysterious, perfection. -Hippy witchy cozy vibes