Sour Ale candle

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This candle takes inspiration from fruity sour beers with aromas of sweet and tart lemon, blackberry, and peach. From our sister brand, Brewed & Barreled! Top notes: sweet lemons, tart lemon puree Middle notes: ripe blackberries, berry fruits Base notes: freshly picked peaches, peach puree NOTE: This candle isn’t intended to smell *exactly* like a beer but rather pull scents inspired by our favorite brews. Collection: Brewed & Barreled Size: 9oz jar Wick Type: Cotton Wick Materials: glass jar, fragrance oils, all natural-soy wax, UV stabilizer, wick, lid, label Burn time: 50-60 hrs Store with lid on, away from heating/AC vents when possible. Recommended storage temp between 63 - 78 degrees. All candles are made with UV inhibitor to help avoid discoloration but prolonged direct sun exposure still may cause discoloration of candles. Frosted (white crystalline pattern) may occur due to temperature changes over time.