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Slice of Summer wax melts -  LIMITED EDITION

Slice of Summer wax melts - LIMITED EDITION

  • $ 6.00

Slice of Summer - a refreshing and juicy watermelon scent. This is available until August 31st. Each melt comes in 6 little cubes to break apart with more than 2.4oz total of great smelling wax.

They can be melted in a tea light melter or electric wax warmer - they are NOT a candle. Each are made with 100% natural US soy beans. They are hand poured in Austin, Texas.

What customers are saying about Slice of Summer: -Smells amazing!! -It smells like summer by the pool! -Reminds me of jolly ranchers! -Smells like that Harry Styles song that gets stuck in your head 🍉🍉🍉 -It’s like being inside of a bag of my favorite sour gummies 🤤 -Convincing myself I can’t eat it when it smells like watermelon jolly ranchers -Reminds me of the OG Hubba Bubba gum… I’m in love -Been waiting all my life for a watermelon candle!! Permanent collection, please!! -I can hardly keep from trying to eat it. It smells so delicious! This is the best smell ever! -The Burlap Bag has done it again. #obsessed

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