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Root Chakra- Success Spray

Root Chakra- Success Spray

  • $ 12.99
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Success Chakra Magic spray is a 4 ounce plastic amber spray bottle with mister.

A grounding blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli and a touch of Grapefruit to open and clear the root chakra.

When you say, "omg, nothing works." It's time for a root chakra shift with a chakra magic spray to reconnect with your place in the world.

Success Chakra Magic Mantra- I have needs and those needs have to be met for me to function well in my life. I affirm that I am worth being loved, nurtured, and taught to be self-sufficient, even if I have to do it for myself. With every breath I take, I open my root chakra. With every breath I take, I connect strongly to the earth and ground me into my life. With every breath I take, my life works better.

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