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Reishi-Chaga Boost Loose Leaf Mushroom Tea

Reishi-Chaga Boost Loose Leaf Mushroom Tea

  • $ 10.00
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Now in larger 1.7 oz pouches! 

Drink mushroom tea in the same spirit as it was originally intended - without any powders, sweeteners, extracts, or added processed ingredients.

Mushroom teas have a long history of therapeutic use in traditional medicine. Western medical research is also starting to examine the potential of mushrooms in cancer care and immune system response.

Each handcrafted blend always starts with freshly dried whole mushrooms sourced from organic family farmers in New England. 

Then, they are paired with premium mushrooms and a flavorful infusion of herbs - organic, caffeine-free, and locally sourced when possible. 

Whether you're a fan of revitalizing mushrooms or simply an adventurous lover of teas, these healthful blends stay true to tradition and have a full-bodied flavor like no other. 


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