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Clearance! Quartz Goddess Altar Watchtower

  • $ 239.99
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The Goddess Watchtower is a Hand carved, Large, Polished Quartz Point with the &
Goddesses from the Goddess Chant inscribed upon it. This is a great Altar piece.
Accurately done in fine detail and finished in Gold Leaf, each piece is made by order.
Each piece is a one of a kind Original. Use this Amazing piece to Aid you in your Spell
Work, Energy Grid, Meditation Area, etc. Custom Design your piece with your own
Beliefs and Deities. Gods and/or Goddesses, Ascended Masters Etc.
~The path of Goddess is not defined or laid down in dogma. It is a living, daily
connection with Sacredness~
There is no end to the ways in which you can find and honor Goddess... Once She has called your name, you are Hers Forever.
The 7 goddesses are Isis~Astarte~Diana~ Hecate~Demeter~Kali~ Inanna~

Quartz promotes determination, self-control, and strength of will. It is associated with happiness and communication with spirit guardians and healing.

Additionally, Quartz is a power stone. It has been called the "Universal Crystal", and is the most recognized type of crystal. Quartz has been used as an energy conductor in many modern day tools to make them operate.

*Each piece is subject to size, cut, clarity and weight. Average Watchtower weighs approximately 1-5 pounds. This is a custom piece. Goddess Chant available or custom deity inscription up to 6 names. Please email us for any information you would like on these amazing tools

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