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Clear Quartz Gemstone Dice Engraved Gaming Set

Clear Quartz Gemstone Dice Engraved Gaming Set

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Clear Quartz Gemstone Dice Gaming Set

Quartz is the living embodiment of power. It is the most powerful crystal among all for its supernatural abilities related to healing, living memory, spiritual guidance, spiritual power, connections to all paranormal forces, and ability to project and interact within all the Realms.

Gemstone dice are fragile, so we recommend that you can roll them on something with a soft surface like a soft wool felt dice tray to prevent possible chipping or breaking.

Engraved in Gold

Size of each die:
D4 = 16 mm
D6 = 16 mm
D8 = 16 mm
D10 = 16 mm
D% = 16 mm
D12 = 18 mm
D20 = 18 mm

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