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Purpurite stimulates the Crown Chakra and increases ones spiritual aspirations.  This mineral provides strong dispersion capabilities, assisting one to break-out of old patterns and conditions.

Purpurite Natural Gemstone

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Purpurite is a powerful ascension tool that helps attune one to higher energies, as well as open up and connect the third eye and crown chakra. Working with this mineral will help raise one's intuition levels and consciousness, as well as assist one in the understanding of this newfound power stone. 

  • Keywords: Purification, initiation, freedom, insight, truth, power,  & sovereignty 
  • Chakra: Third Eye, Crown,
  • Birthstone: February
  • Element: Wind, Earth
  • Zodiac Signs: Virgo
  • Number: 9

Purpurite Healing and Uses
Purpurite will help one adjust and become more comfortable with the energy being channeled through your mind and into your third eye. Using and wearing this stone frequently can cause one to have inner visions about their current life path. These visions, along with Purpurite’s energy, can help push one to make the necessary adjustments and changes to better suit their spiritual path. Try meditating with this stone over your third eye to help expand one's mind, as well as provide mental clarity. This mental clarity can be used to help one connect with angelic beings and guardian angels, as well as allow one to process emotions with much more ease. Purpurite is here to help repair every aspect of one's life, as well as push one forward physically and spiritually. This special stone forces us to take action and look ahead towards a growth, self-healing, metamorphic stage of life. This phase is here to help one better understand their life purpose, as well as the transformation into the person your soul so truly wants you to be.

Purpurite Geological Description

Purpurite is a manganese iron phosphate mineral that usually occurs on the surface of Triphylite due to heavy oxidation. Along with occurring on top of one mineral, it can also be found by itself crystallized in mass formation. This mineral was first discovered back in 1905 by L.C. Graton and W.T. Schaller. They chose to name this newly found rock after the Latin word “purpura”, referencing its purple color. The best-known Purpurite specimens usually come from the country of Namibia, but can also be found in France, Western Australia, and North Carolina, USA.

Affirmation: I will make positive choices, discover new paths, and remain committed to my passions.

  • Price is for one (1) natural stone
  • These are all real crystals & semi-precious gemstones.
  • Each gemstone has its own unique personality, energy, and vibration, where no two stones are alike so please allow for variation.
  • If you have specific questions or concerns, always inquire, we will be glad to search for that particular item you are interested in.

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