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Powerful Pomegranate Blooming Tea

  • $ 9.99

Powerful Pomegranate Blooming Tea

A crown jewel of fruits, the pomegranate is known for bold flavor and rich antioxidant benefits.

This Powerful Pomegranate Tea shines with tart juiciness, finishing with delicate notes of white tea and a subtle floral sweetness. This crisp cup of tea can brighten even the dreariest of days with an unexpected zing.

Tea blooms made with white tea which open up when you steep in boiling water. Blooms can be steeped 3 times, and after drinking you can keep in cold water for a week as a decoration. 4 Blooms plus collectible glass cylinder.

A cup of this juicy tea is sure to add a little pop of color to your day.

ea Blooms - Makes 3 infusions each.

1 Bloom to 1 Teapot - Add tea bloom to teapot.

Boil Water - Fill teapot with hot water.

Steep 3-5 Minutes - Watch the magic unfold

Enjoy your cup.

Ingredients - marigold flowers, jasmine flowers, white tea, natural flavors.

*Note - Appearance of flower bloom might differ from the photograph, as we periodically change our designs due to flower supply and seasonality.

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