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No. 11: Amber & Moss Charcoal Incense sticks

  • $ 8.00

A woody scent perfect for cold, winter nights; walk the forest floor with mossy and clean beginnings, leading into notes of amber and hints of lavender, sage and orange for a bright and relaxing aroma that will last for hours.

Top Notes: moss, lavender. 

Heart: sage, lavandin, orange. 

Base: amber, musk.

Hand-dipped in California, the charcoal incense sticks come in a set of fifteen, carefully packed with a burn time of one hour.

  • 1 Hour Burn Time
  • Length: 10.75"
  • 2-4 Hours Scent Longevity
  • Set of 15 Black Charcoal Incense Sticks
  • Hand-Dipped in California

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