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Natural Quartz Runic Healer Wand

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Runes are divided into three groups of Eight (called Aetts), representing the three streams of Mind and Matter in which Rune Power can be contacted and have a particular effect. Each Aett is located every other side on this 6 sided piece.

  • The First Aett is known as the Earth Family, the Norse Goddess Freya.
  • The Second Aett is the Warrior Family and is the Deity Hagal.
  • The Third Aett is the Heaven Family and is known for the God Tyr.

The Aetts together represent the Psychological, Practical and Organizational Worlds respectively.

This item is great in Meditation, Healing and Spellwork.

Quartz promotes determination, self-control, and strength of will. It is associated with happiness and communication with spirit guardians and healing.

Additionally, Quartz is a power stone. It has been called the "Universal Crystal", and is the most recognized type of crystal. Quartz has been used as an

energy conductor in many modern day tools to make them operate. Imagine the energies that can be drawn from this Tool with such an Ancient Script upon it! This is a Natural Quartz point. Nothing but the Rune Engravings have been done to it.


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