Mystical Dragon Magnet

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As an admirer of the medieval era, you share an affinity for the beast that is the bane of many a knight. You ensure your home decor expresses this fact. These Mystical Dragon Magnets will bless your realm with their magical style. You will get one of the four unique beasts that form this lovely set. A fiery dragon with green eyes sits in a proud pose. An icy blue dragon with red eyes snarls at those who would infringe upon its territory. A white dragon possesses the bearing of royalty. Its green eyes snap as it gives a command. The black dragon bares a conniving image with its calculating tail and blood-red stare. These magnets will go nicely with the rest of your fantasy home decor.

  • This product is for one (1) dragon magnet
  • Style is chosen at random
  • Made of cold cast resin and carefully hand-painted
  • Features dragons in colors of orange, blue, white, and black
  • Adds magical style to dull, metallic surfaces
  • Based on the artwork by Ruth Thompson
  • Approx Measurements: 2.5" H