Rainbow Moonstone Bone-Band Sterling Silver Coffin Ring ⚰️

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Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Coffin Ring 

Revel in macabre delight! Introducing Sterling Silver Gemstone Coffin Rings.

Lovers of the darker unknowns of the universe know there is beauty in mortality, and these rings perfectly portray that. Made of the finest sterling silver and Rainbow Moonstone, these coffin rings will bring delight into the lives of any enthusiasts of the spooky, scary, and macabre. The brilliance of the gems ties in perfectly with the fine bone-shaped banding, reminding us of Memento Mori. Life may be fleeting but should be lived with vibrancy and passion. Wear this ring and remember to live as brightly as the jewel’s shine.

Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of calmness, hope, and new beginnings. It has been thought to increase one's flexibility and allow one to accept the flow of life. This stone also promotes empathy and intuition therefore, Rainbow Moonstone represents New Beginnings and the Flow of Life.