Lush Lavender Soy Candle

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Home line candle with fragrances of lavender, soft cashmere, hydrangea, and bergamot. Size: 9oz jar Wick Type: Cotton Wicks (2 wick) Materials: glass jar, fragrance oils, all natural-soy wax, UV stabilizer, wick, lid, label Burn time: 50-60 hrs Wax color: white/colorless Storage Recommendations: Recommend to store with lid on, away from direct sunlight or any heating/air conditioning vents and should not be stored in temperatures greater than 80-81 degrees F (can be very sensitive to light/heat). Candles contain a UV inhibitor to help prevent sun fade in dyed candles and yellowing in non-dyed (white) candles but slight discoloration my occur if candles are exposed to sunlight over extended periods of time. Frosting (white speckles) may occur if the candles undergo extreme/frequent temperature changes. This is perfectly normal of soy wax but it may affect aesthetic.