Fairy Tales & Fantasy Soy Candle

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Beloved fairy tale classics blend with high fantasy feels in this fantasy-themed candle! Forest, meadow, apple, and sea breeze combine in this beautiful blend for a bright fragrance with excellent layers of earthy & fresh!


Fragrances: forest, meadow, apple, sea breeze
Fragrance profile: fresh & fruit & earthy
Scent strength*: potent to strong

Top notes: freshly picked apples, clean sea breeze
Middle notes: bright citrus, forest, wooded glen
Base notes: meadow, soft grass, violets

*Scent strength is to give you an idea of stronger versus softer fragrances. All candles are made with the maximum amount of fragrance that this soy wax will hold. 

NOTES | This is a 9oz jar made with all-natural soy wax. Soy wax is eco-friendly and burns cleaner than other waxes. It is also easy to clean in cases of accidental spills or if you should