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Eucalyptus- Dried Leaves 1oz Package

Eucalyptus- Dried Leaves 1oz Package

  • $ 2.99

Eucalyptus Leaves have many uses and benefits. From medicinal use to incense purposes these leaves can be used in any form.

Native to the land of Australia Eucalyptus leaves have been used for many years to aid in health, money, power. Great to use in your ritual practices, potpourri, or as a simple aroma to fill your surroundings.

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus Globulus
Element Correspondences: Air
Planetary Correspondences: Moon
Zodiac Correspondences: Pisces, Cancer

Magical Uses: Healing, Warding off Evil, Protection, Healing Sickness, Energy Clearing, Purification, Spiritual Growth, Raising Vibrations, Exorcisms, Banishing, Healing Addiction.


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