Congo Malachite Natural Crystal Skull Large 5"

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Congo Malachite Natural Crystal Skull Large 5"

Steady pulsing electromagnetic energy. (High copper content) Malachite and azurite are the same chemicals, practically, Copper Carbonate. The only difference is the ordering of the elements in the molecule. On brow: Stimulates physical and psychic vision and concentration. For heart and solar plexus centers: Stomach, liver, kidney stones, lungs, immune system, radiation, MS, circulation. A powerful healer with azurite or chrysocolla for healing: Releases and draws out pain, inflammation, depression, and anger; heals blocks. Protects well by powerfully cleaning the auric field, rapidly absorbing undesirable energies, including computer, TV, and other radiation, etc. It is said to awaken healing qualities and is useful in fighting mental illnesses. Said to stimulate the optic nerve, help the pancreas, spleen, and parathyroid, and help dyslexia. 

Size: 5.0"x3.2"x3.9" (128x82x98 mm)

Weight: 3.3LB (1505g)

Material:Congo Malachite

A warning: Malachite in raw form has dust particles that are highly toxic and their ingestion should be avoided.