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Compendium of Herbal Magic by Paul Beyerl

Compendium of Herbal Magic by Paul Beyerl

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Compendium of Herbal Magic by Paul Beyerl

Every plant has its own distinct spiritual energy or its own deva. Devas are the radiant light of the Universal Divine that permeates all things. Since the earliest times, people were aware that all of Nature is divine. Great and wondrous myths were told that explained the presence of divine energy as it exists in thunder, in trees, and in sunlight. Some of this lore was the foundation of religions. But the simpler stories, such as those of a plant's energy, explored day-to-day matters like health and love. This understanding of the world has been preserved in folklore through poems, chants, ditties, and spells.

From researching the history of folklore from cultures around the world, patterns emerge that enable us to approach the true nature of plants' devas. This compendium presents the lore and the corresponding usage for 330 magickal herbs. Great care was taken only to include folklore that was documented as authentic. You will meet many new herbs in this text and explore fascinating magickal and religious uses, but most of all, you will come to respect the divine that surrounds your everyday life.

Paperback: 528 pages


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