Bronze Simple Adjustable Snake Ring

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Bronze Simple Adjustable Snake Ring

Witchy and Delicate Design

The Simple Adjustable Snake Ring is the perfect accessory for those who love unique and elegant jewelry. This ring is both witchy and delicate, appealing to even those with the most refined tastes. The slender and dainty design features a bronze snake, making it a little dark, without going over to the dark side.

Embrace Change and Transformation

Snakes are often seen as portals between two worlds and are symbolic of change and reimagining. This ring serves as a reminder to embrace change and to always be open to re-making your life. The serpent design teaches us to embrace transformation, that change is always on the horizon, and to never be afraid to start over.

Durable and Anti-Tarnish

Our Simple Adjustable Snake Ring is crafted from high-quality Italian bronze, an alloy of copper and tin that contains an anti-tarnish compound. This ensures that your ring will stay looking beautiful for longer, although eventual oxidation may still occur. We recommend adjusting the ring to your size and then leaving it alone to avoid excessive opening and closing that may weaken the band and cause cracks or breakage.