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Alpine Cedar - Smudging Wands - Incense - Cast a Stone

Alpine Cedar - Smudging Wands - Incense

  • $ 6.99

The consecration of spaces,objects and occasions by ritual burning of fragrant herbs,woods and incense is an age old practice common to many cultures. Smudging is a spiritual process of passing a room,object or even one's self through cleansing herbal smoke as a path to redefinition and purification. Maroma's handsome ,handmade leaf incense wands are respectfully charming and convenient tribute to these ancient traditions.

These products are 100% Natural,and all of the ingredients are of botanical origin. 2 sticks.

Maroma original signature quality incense line and it is quite simply the most comprehensive and highest quality incense collection available anywhere. Maroma is unparalleled expertise in blending perfectly balanced natural fragrances has been combined with the traditional method of hand rolling each individual stick of incense. All are unique and each selection leaves the user both pleasantly uplifted and surprisingly refreshed.

  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Recycled Packaging
  • No Animal Testing
  • All Natural

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