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Terry McMahon - Jewelry Teacher/Designer

Terry McMahon worked for 31 years for "corporate America", I got sick and decided that this wasn't the way I wanted to earn a living anymore. So I concentrated on making my dream come true by becoming a full time artist.

While I was  home recuperating, I would watch a lot of TV and saw some interesting techniques about jewelry making and it looked like a nice new hobby to get into. I became a certified instructor for a craft store and would teach basic jewelry making. After seeing how much people loved my own jewelry creations, I started doing small shows. Then I joined a couple of art groups and gained a studio of my own.

My personal life took a big change when my husband left. So I took that energy and started practicing my wire weaving and wrapping skills with sea glass, shells and stones because it was basically free. And besides, who doesn't enjoy a walk on the beach to clear their head. When people saw what I did with these found treasures, they wanted to learn. So I started offering classes.

Now, my jewelry is considered "wearable art". Using fine silver (.999) wire with sterling silver beads (.925) for my signature designs, I make these creations to be treasured in any collection or as a keepsake.

Read this article about Teresa who was featured in the Hull Times just this Summer! 



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