Llewellyn's 2023 Witches' Datebook

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Llewellyn's 2023 Witches' Datebook

Express your inner Witch throughout the year and stay organized while you do it. Llewellyn's 2023 Witches' Datebook features amazing illustrations from award-winning artist Jennifer Hewitson as well as tips, techniques, and recipes to help you connect to nature, spirit, and your own deeper wisdom.

Find new ways to celebrate the sacred seasons and enhance your practice with:

  • Springtime magic (Astrea Taylor)
  • Flying ointment (Kelden)
  • Kitchen witchery on the go (Autumn Damiana)
  • Connecting with the spirit of the land (Blake Octavian Blair)
  • Approaching the Craft with an empirical spirit (Thorn Mooney)
  • Discover sabbat musings (Raechel Henderson)
  • Recipes (Gwion Raven)
  • More than 100 magical tips (Elizabeth Barrette)

Annual - Calendar | English | 168 pages | 6 x 8 IN