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Clearance! XL Palm Sized Reiki Stones in Jade set of 4

  • $ 39.99
  • Save $ 40.01

**Extra Large sets are Palm size & average 3.5" in height & width. Regular sets are an average of 2" inches in height & width.**

*We are clearing out previously manufactured stones and sticking with my handmade Reiki master sets. I tried to go with a company so I could keep up with mass production and copycats overseas and the quality is not up to my expectations. I will continue doing all the work myself and all other products are made by me except these clearance items.

Sets selling for $80 are now $39.99 for the set of 4. Please note the quality is about B to C grade and not my standard of work. There will be no refunds on these stones but the price break is worth the XLG stone size.

These large sets are especially helpful in mediation, full bodywork, and classroom use. The new size are made to fit fully in ther palm of your hand maikng them very powerful indeed. Thank you for all of your letters asking for these stones. we are so pleased to finally have all four types available!

Each gemstone has it's own unique personality, energy and vibration, where no two sets are alike. The symbols each represent the connection to the Universal Energy.

1. FOCUS~ Power boost Symbol Cho Ku Rei
2. HARMONY~ Mental & Emotional Healing Sei He Ki
3. CONNECTION~ The Distance Healing Symbol Hon Sha Za Sho Nen
4. EMPOWERMENT~ The Spiritual Empowerment or Master Symbol Dai Ku Myo

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