Hand Hammered Singing Bowl 4.5"

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Hand Hammered Singing Bowl 4.5"

This high-quality handcrafted meditation bowl set includes a wooden striker. It is hand hammered in the Himalayan Foothills by Nepalese artisans to be as unique as you are and to create an ambiance for emotional calming & healing.


The striker can be used in two ways to produce sound. It can be used to gently tap the side of the bowl, which produces a ringing sound, similar to a bell. Or, it can be run along the rim of the bowl to produce a hum. The hum will intensify with each pass of the wooden dowel and the bowl will sing.

  • Handmade for the outside and cast for the design inside.
  • Blend of 5 metals.
  • Comes with the striker.
  • Approx. weight is 450 gm.
  • Country of origin: Nepal.