Fancy Angelite Angel Pendulum

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Fancy Angelite Angel Pendulum

Call on the energy and spirit of your guardian angels with our Angelite pendulum. Made with high-quality Angelite stone and beautiful crystals and an angel pendant on the pendulum chain, this is one of the most stunning crystal pendulums we've come across. 

Angelite is a super soothing and gentle crystal that can be used to help you connect with the angelic realm and your angels. The blight blue hue is deeply soothing and the energetic vibration is said to soothe tension, anger, anxiety, and stress. 

You can also use Angelite to improve your sleep, as it's a great stone for promoting a night of deep, peaceful sleep. Angelite is also great for preventing nightmares

What are Pendulums?

Pendulums are used for dowsing (divining) purposes such as finding answers to questions, locating objects, diagnosing medical afflictions, and other holistic modalities. A pendulum is usually accurate, easy to use, and takes little time.

  • The approximate size of the point: 1" - 1.5"
  • The approximate length of the chain: 9.5" - 10"
  • Country of origin: India.