Om symbol - Natures first Breath engraved Ohm Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Om is the primordial sound, the first breath of creation, and the vibration that ensures existence. Om sign signifies God, Creation, & the One-ness of all creation.

The semi-precious stone of Lapis Lazuli brings truthfulness, openness, inner power, intuition, creativity, virility, and manifestation. It strengthens the mind and body as well as increases awareness and spiritual connection/evolution. It is known as a way to contact guardian spirits & build self-confidence.

This pendant is finely engraved and painted in 24kt gold leaf. Sizing is approximately 1.5 inches wide by 2 inches long. The coloring is a deep denim blue with gold flecks.

This pendant sits on your choice of a cotton 16" inch cord with an adjuster chain for a length up to 18" inches, or an 18" silver tone chain. (Please request chain or cord at checkout or the pendant comes on a 16" cotton cord). If you would like a sterling silver chain, please follow this product link for sizes and availability!  

All items are subject to size, coloring & weight. The sizes listed are approximate. These are all real crystals & semi-precious gemstones. No stone is alike and please allow for variation. If you have specific questions or concerns, always inquire, I will be glad to search for that particular item you are interested in.