Kambaba Jasper Gemstone Dice Engraved Gaming Set

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Kambaba Jasper Gemstone Dice Gaming Set

Sourced directly from the South Africa Rift, these stones make a great addition to your character’s inventory mainly due to their powerful metaphysical properties. This gives your player an advantage of focused attention and reduced anxiety from those stressful situations. Introducing this to your D&D group will also add a fresh burst of intrigue and anticipation to your next campaign.

Featuring 7 pieces, each die is unique and brings its own quality and strength to your character’s inventory. Whether you find yourself bounty-hunting ravenous orcs or treading through nefarious dungeons, this set is all you need to succeed.

Gemstone dice are fragile, so we recommend that you can roll them on something with a soft surface like a soft wool felt dice tray to prevent possible chipping or breaking.

Engraved in Gold

Size of each die:
D4 = 16 mm
D6 = 16 mm
D8 = 16 mm
D10 = 16 mm
D% = 16 mm
D12 = 18 mm
D20 = 18 mm