Seated Wizard with Dragon Statue

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Here, we have an absolutely beautiful, highly detailed, polyresin figurine of a seated wizard with a dragon on his lap. The wizard is sitting in a gorgeous throne-like seat that is decorated with Celtic knotwork, dragons, and intricate designs with golden "gemstones" (on the back). The throne has the appearance of sitting on "stone," and has blue "crystalline" structures bordering it. The jewel-tone colors on this piece are vibrant, and they add to its mystical, magical appearance.

The wizard, himself, who I tend to think of as "Merlin," appears to be stroking his beard, and his dark eyes appear to be concentrating on someone or something in front of him (as does his dragon). Indeed, the wizard looks on the verge of speaking, and yet the expression on his face is wonderfully ambiguous and open to more than one interpretation. His staff is leaning against the throne.

This fabulous figurine is approximately 7.5-inches tall by approximately 4.25-inches at its widest point. It would be ideal as altar decor, or as decor in your sacred space or your home. Likewise, it would make a perfect gift for the fantasy lover in your life.