Flint Tumbled Gemstone

Keywords: Grounding the spiritual in the physical, creating structure and self-discipline, increasing honesty and practicality
Flint helps increase optimism and help relieve feelings of being overwhelmed.  It can help protect us and eliminate negativity and help banish nightmares.  It is helpful during arguments and other controversies.  It can help you be more emotionally detached from stressful situations, allowing the issue to be more easily resolved.  It can help strengthen our communication skills. It can help relieve shyness and allow more intimate and personal experiences.  It has been said that ancient tribes have used it to for releasing negativity from haunted locations.  It can be helpful in money management.  It can help us be focused and maintain balance in our lives.  It can help cut emotional ties or cords that we need to remove from our lives.
Price is for one (1) tumbled stone.
All stones are subject to size, coloring & weight. These are all real crystals & semi-precious gemstones. Each gemstone has it's own unique personality, energy and vibration, where no two stones are alike so please allow for variation. Stones choices vary and are not always the same as the photo. If you have specific questions or concerns, always inquire, we will be glad to search for that particular item you are interested in.