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Chakra Therapy For Personal Growth & Healing Book Sherwood

Chakra Therapy For Personal Growth & Healing Book Sherwood

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Everything you do—moving, thinking, and feeling—requires energy. It is certainly accurate to say that you are an energy being. To know yourself—who you are and why you think, feel, and act the way you do—you must understand yourself on an energetic level. Now you can learn to experience the energy and work with it to resolve old hurts and heal difficult problems with Chakra Therapy by Keith Sherwood. 

The chakras are more than just whorls of energy in the aura. Each of the seven chakras processes and distributes energy. They transform the energy into different sensations comprehensible to you: thought, emotion, and physical sensation. Sometimes they become blocked, and that is where problems arise. 

When a garden hose is bent, water cannot get through and pressure builds up. When chakras are blocked the energy that runs through them is blocked. The result is problems that are spiritual, mental, emotional, and even physical. 

That's where Chakra Therapy can help. This book is a practical and easy-to-use guide that will teach you how to work with your chakras to release the energy blockages. When the energy is free to run through your body, the problems you may have will literally just fade away! 

In the West, few people have a good understanding of the chakras and the body's energy system. This book thoroughly explains it and shows you how to work with it. You will learn how the energy system of the body is linked to the way you think and act. You will discover how feelings of separation and fear have kept your energy from flowing. Along the way, you will learn about the functioning of your physical and subtle bodies. You will learn how to avoid attachments that bring unhappiness and how to overcome fear. 

But unlike psychological therapy, you can learn to do this by yourself through chakra therapy. Here you will learn how the chakras work both theoretically and instinctively with the help of meditations for each of the chakras. This is followed by the true secrets of Chakra Therapy. 

The ancient Yogis created a series of three exercises they called locks. These exercises were designed to facilitate the flow of energy through the chakras. Regular practice of these locks has a beneficial and rejuvenating effect on the whole subtle energy system as well as the nervous system and physical body. The locks can be performed lying on your back, in the lotus position, or in a straight-backed chair. They are simple enough for anyone to do. To complete the therapy, you will learn how to open and balance the chakras. With the energy flowing, any problems caused by blockages will cease. 

Once your energy is flowing, it is time to enhance and strengthen it! Chakra Therapy won't disappoint you in this. You will learn to cleanse the chakras of yourself and others, perform the "Bellow's Breath," work with the Hara, sing using overtones, do the Sushumna meditation, and perform basic yoga techniques that will let the energy expand to its highest possible level. 

If you are looking for ways to overcome your problems, increase your energy, help you achieve your goals, and develop a positive attitude, get Chakra Therapy. 

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