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Poison Apple Soy Candle - Fairytale Inspired Gift 4 oz

  • $ 14.00

Fragrance notes: apple, sugar, poison

"‘Are you afraid of poison?’ said the woman. ‘See, I will cut the apple in half: you eat the red side and I will keep the other.’
Now the apple was so cunningly painted that the red half alone was poisoned. Snow White longed for the apple, and when she saw the Peasant Woman eating she could hold out no longer, stretched out her hand and took the poisoned half. Scarcely had she put a bit into her mouth than she fell dead to the ground."

Snow White succumbing to the Evil Queen’s murderous plot and being tricked into eating a poison infused apple is one of the most memorable scenes from the German fairytale Snow White written by the Brothers Grimm. It took the queen four attempts to kill Snow White, and the poison apple finally did the trick, temporarily anyway. This fragrance is inspired by this infamous poison apple, an apple so mouthwateringly tempting that it persuaded Snow White to drop her inhibitions of strange peddler women- even after barely surviving several failed assassination attempts by such women.

The task to create a most irresistible apple fragrance was no small feat, but this is it, with quite simple ingredients at that. All this recipe takes is a large copper cauldron over a roaring fire, a bushel of assorted apples from a dark orchard, heaps of brown sugar, and finally, into the bubbling cauldron, the poison will go! (*Suggested poison tinctures include: Poison Hemlock, Bitter Nightshade, Foxglove, Oleander, or Lily of the Valley). This concoction creates the most sinfully divine and addictive candied apple aroma to ever exist. Take an imaginary bite from the poison apple and enjoy this wickedly sweet aroma of crisp apples and caramelized sugar.

This candle comes with a high quality professionally printed labels and a wax seal on the lid. A portion of the proceeds is donated to wolf conservation. This 4oz candle will burn for approx. 25 hours.

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