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Ouija Planchette Spell Candle Holder

  • $ 3.99

This unique and cool Ouija Board design holder is inspired by the Planchette - a heart-shaped piece of wood with multiple wheel casters and a pen aperture held on the underside, which is used to facilitate automatic writing, leading to the creation of mysterious messages created by a medium as they communicate with receptive spirits as apart of a séance.

When holding a single candlestick, this piece is perfect for both decorative lighting and ritual use and is sure to be the center of your spirit board collection.

This Ouija Planchette Candleholder measures 0.75" tall, 2.25" long, and 1.5" deep approximately.  Made of MDF wood, hand-painted and polished individually. Color tone may vary from pictures. 

• Candlestick and Props in photos are NOT included with the item. They are meant to provide a size perspective of the item.

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