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Notre Dame Incense Holder

  • $ 19.99

The cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris is one of the most well-known churches in the world, and a large portion of that fame goes to its many gargoyles. One gargoyle seen in the cathedral is also on the Notre Dame Incense Holder! The gargoyle that is featured on this Gothic incense burner consists of the upper torso of a humanoid with large, feathered wings and tall horns. The face of the gargoyle is forever frozen in a bored pose with the tongue sticking out. A rectangular ash trough catches the hot ashes from your incense stick as it burns. At the opposite end of the incense holder from the gargoyle is a circular well that catches ash when you burn cone incense. Made from cold cast resin, this handsome incense holder is hand-painted to resemble dark stone and is decorated with baroque floral patterns.

L: 10.25" x W: 1.75" x H: 3.5"

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