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Black Tourmaline Chime Mini Candle Holder

Black Tourmaline Chime Mini Candle Holder

  • $ 9.99

This simple yet elegant cube candle holder is made of Black Tourmaline. Let this powerful talisman protect your space. Display alone or with other cube holders to create dozens of looks, themes, and styles that will add color and flair to any room. Use with our mini ritual candles.

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone, with a long history among many cultures of providing protection and was traditionally used to point out the cause of trouble and to indicate a good direction in which to move.

  • Height in Inches: 1.25"
  • Width in Inches: 1.25"
  • Length in Inches: 1.25"
  • Opening Diameter: 0.50"
  • Stone: Black Tourmaline
  • Use with our mini ritual candles

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