Apple Cinnamon Odor Eliminating Soy Wax Melts 2.5 oz

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Apple Cinnamon Odor Eliminating Wax Melts 2.5 oz

  • APPLE CINNAMON: Tart apples combine with cinnamon and clove to create this classic combination.
  • TOP NOTES: Tart Apple Cider, Berries, Caramel MID NOTES: Cinnamon, Clove BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Malt
  • INCLUDES: Melt is made of soy wax, which is both biodegradable and sustainably sourced. Each 2.5 oz melt wax has a melt time of 30 hours.
  • USE:All-natural odor elimination technology neutralizes and gets rid of odors on a molecular level. When released in the air, it attaches to "stink particles" called malodors and carries them away. You are left with the fine fragrance of Apple Cinnamon.
  • 2.5 oz of wax is poured into a plastic tray that divides wax into 6 cubes. Tray can be used for wax-cooling and remelting your wax later! A safer and cleaner alternative to flame, smoke and soot!

Neutralize odors and fill your home with the finest home fragrance with our Odor Eliminating Wax Collection. High-quality fragrance oils, soy wax, and our proprietary all-natural odor-eliminating solution are combined in clean, fresh fragrances. Our patented odor-eliminating technology is an all-natural product.

It attaches itself to malodors (that's a fancy word for saying odor or stinky things), and neutralizes them on a molecular level. Instead of covering up a stink, effectively remove it while adding fine home fragrance.