Embossed Memory Moon Fairy Journal

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Embossed Memory Moon Fairy Journal

For many, the moon is a sign of remembrance. It is no different for fairies, especially the fairy depicted in the Embossed Memory Moon Fairy Journal. The enchanted fairy wears a lilac dress with dark blue trim. She has matching butterfly wings. A small butterfly decorates her hair.

The one depicted in the Embossed Solace Moon Fairy Journal is experiencing just that. The fairy wears a black dress has matching moth-like wings. Small white flowers decorate her hair. She holds similar flowers in her hand which has the petals falling off.  

The cover is based on artwork by Nene Thomas. There are plenty of pages to write in. It is kept closed with a black elastic band. This journal makes a fantastic diary, dream journal, or a gift for a fantasy and fairy enthusiast. 

  • Embossed Hard Cover Journal
  • Depicts the artwork of Nene Thomas
  • Size: 6 x 8 Inches