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Tree of Enchantment Ball -Prosperity 2" hand blown Art Glass Ornament - Cast a Stone

Tree of Enchantment Ball -Prosperity 6" hand blown Art Glass Ornament

  • $ 49.99
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Delight in the vibrant mix of life's simple pleasures. Like a tree brushing into life after a long winter spread the joy you feel today with those around you.

"Prosperity can mean many different things; wealth, happiness or good fortune. A tree is prosperous when it is full of leaves, bearing fruit or providing shelter. The tree of prosperity reminds us that not only wealth is the path to prosperity. By finding out true happiness or helping others I may grow and prosper."

Extraordinary Glass Art from Kitras Art Glass, Inc. - this 6" inch hand blown Glass Ball is handmade in Canada. Kitras always offers consistent quality, innovative design and brilliant color palette. These pieces are truly a work of art that you'll treasure for years to come.


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