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~ Strega Items ~

The word "Stregheria" in Italian means "Witchcraft". Also, in Italian there are a few ways to say the word "Witch", they are: "Strega" which means a female Witch and "Stregone" means a male Witch.

strega, spirit flame, strega spirit flame, bowl, black, strega altar, tools, italian witch

Handcarved Black Stone Strega 3" inch opening Offering Bowl with the sigil of Aradia upon it.


strega, spirit, flame, onyx, black, moon, fire

*Limited Edition* New Strega Black Onyx Pendants! $ 44.99 each
This symbol comes from an old drawing and can be found in Raven Grimassi's Book "Ways of the Strega". A special thanks to Raven who is generous enough to allow me to use this symbol in my designs.

Now about the pendant. This particular piece is set on Black Onyx and finely engraved and then painted in silver leaf. This Pendant size is 1.5 inches in length and width. The setting is of Bali Silver and comes with a 3 part black ribbon and cord necklace with adjustable length chain and lobster claw clasp. There are a limited amounts of this style pendant and all are of different sizes and shapes.

This is a lovely piece and offered in this style in very limited quantities. Wear this symbol proudly as a daily reminder of the passion, the magick and the sacred flame that burns within you.

Strega Pendant 44.99


Strega Spirit Flame Bowl


strega, spirit flame, strega spirit flame, bowl, black, strega altar, tools, italian witch, strega offering

Strega Spirit Flame Bowl $18.95

Handcarved Black Stone Strega 3" inch opening Offering Bowl with the sigil of Aradia upon it.

All that the Strega's do with their Magick is drawn from the Spirit Flame. Aradia taught that the fire came from Divinity, a symbol of the Old Ways teaching and considered it the most powerful tool they could possess. The flame is for ceremonial offerings. fill the bowl with a flamable liquid (or some cases sterno), light it and watch as the beautiful flame dances across the bowl. This flame is sacred and is used to create sacred space, charge our tools and bless objects.


Handcarved Bone Dagger measuring 9" long with the sigils of Stregheria upon it finished in Gloss Black.
Fashioned in the traditional manner, (most did not fashion out metal for lack of material) the first side of the blade has the symbol for Opening the Portal and the opposing side carries the symbol for the Great Spirits of the Moon. These are powerful symbols and guide you in your most precious connection with the Mythos.

strega, strega spirit blade, spirit blade, italian magickstrega blade, strega spirit, strega altar, strega old way

Known as the Athame, or Dagger in the Wiccan tradition, the Spirit Blade is one of the mose common tools for the Streghe. This tool is used for manipulating power. It is used for directing energy into the Astral plane for works of Magick. It is also used in erecting the circle. The Spirit Blade is used in conjunction with the Spirit Bowl for drawing the Spirit Flame, and the essence of the Deity into the ritual circle.

Strega White Bone Spirit Blade (finished in gloss black)

Exclusively at:

Nu Aeon/White Light Pentacle
88 Wharf Street
Pickering Wharf
Salem, MA 01970
(978) 744-0202

Strega Dark Brown Horn Spirit Blade (finished in gold Leaf)



strega, spirit flame, strega spirit flame, bowl, black, strega altar, tools, italian witch, strega offering

In ancient Etruscan times, the Lasa were known as small winged spirits of the woods & fields. In northern Italy they were considered a faery race and associated with the dead. This is similar to the Roman belief of the Lare as ancestral spirits.

In Strega Tradition (Italian Witchcraft) the Lasa/Lare are spirits that are connected to the Strega through their ancient family ties and are also considered protectors of the Old Ways and the people who follow the ancient paths.

The shrine is a devotional piece where a flame can be lit (the flame is a symbol of Spirit and the Soul) and offering can be placed atop the shrine in gratitude and loyalty to the spirits that guard the family and it’s traditions. In honoring the ancestors through the hearthside shrine you are keeping the ties of witchcraft alive through the centuries.

This piece is made of resin, measuring 6 1/2” W x 5 ½” H x 3 ½” D. The front depicts the Lasa as mentioned in the “Ways of the Strega by Raven Grimassi” as “The image of the Lar (singular for Lare) was usually a youthful figure dressed in a short tunic”. Here they stand in front of the hearth, guarding the sacred flame. The scrollwork above is in the image of seashells, which have a connection in Italian Witchcraft. Shells symbolize the womb of the goddess, the Moon’s association to tides of the Sea and Italy’s coastal region.

Whether you are of Strega tradition or a worshipper of Faerie faith, this piece is a unique magickal item and truly a connection with ancient tradition.

Strega Lare/Lasa Devotional Hearth Shrine

sold out

Rue is so deeply connected to the Strega, that it appears in many different aspects of the Tradition. It is a Healing plant, and a Magickal plant. This herb was used as a protector from the Evil Eye, the Plague, Werewolves and Poisons of all kinds. Many Witches in the middle ages used Rue as an ingredient in various Potions.

Rue (Ruta Gravolas)bears yellow flowers in the shape of a Pentagram, against a lush green foliage. It is a symbol of the God in the mythos/mysteries.

strega, strega rue, strega oil, rue oil, rue herbstrega, strega rue, strega oil, rue oil, rue herb, rue votive, rue candle



pan, strega garden, rue, fresh rue, rue herb, Pan

"As it was in the time of our beginnings, so it is now, so shall it be." -Raven Grimassi

All Strega Symbols found in Way of the Strega by Raven Grimassi. Special Thanks to Raven Grimassi for bringing us these wonderful symbols! please visit his site at:

Raven Grimassi's site The home of Authentic Italian Witchcraft

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